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David G. Kravetz, Psy.D.
 Call me at: 919-599-0536

Map and Directions
5613 Duraleigh Road, Suite 101
Raleigh NC  27612
(919) 599-0536
My office is in Duraleigh Office Park, 
which is an office complex of one-story buildings
around an open parking lot.

Building 5613 is in the back corner of the parking lot.

Suite 101 has "Life Quality Resources" written above the door.  (This is a practice which shares space with me.)  (Note:  The suite in another building that has "Behavioral Health and Wellness" written above the door is NOT my office.)

The door opens right into the waiting room.

On your left hand as soon as you walk in, 
there is a bank of light switches.
Find the one with my name on it, turn it on and keep it on.
(That turns a little light on in my office that lets me know you're here.)

On your first visit, there will be a clipboard
with two sheets of intake and insurance information
on a chair close to the far door. 
Please come about 10 minutes early to fill these out. 

Restrooms are through the far door, then immediately to the right.  

There is no need to be concerned that I might not know you're there if you're in the restroom:  as long as the light switch is turned on, I'll know you're in the vicinity.